HEMA training opportunities in Switzerland

Below is a list of the known HEMA training locations. The training sessions of the association members are listed, In addition to training for non-members in Switzerland and in other countries near the border (which represent the closest training for areas in Switzerland). Training in theater fencing or exhibition combat is not listed (however, some of the groups listed deal with both HEMA and exhibition combat).

Here is a list of known places for regular HEMA training. The training sessions of the member groups are listed, training by unaffiliated groups and training close to the Swiss border (which may be the closest options for some places in Switzerland). The groups dedicated to theater fencing are not listed / show fight (but some of the groups listed practice choreographed combat in parallel with HEMA).

The following are known locations where regular trainings in HEMA take place. Listed are member groups’ trainings, trainings by unaffiliated groups in Switzerland, and trainings near the Swiss border (so that they are the closest options for some places in Switzerland). Not listed are groups dedicated to theatrical fencing / show fighting (but some of the groups listed do train choreographed fights alongside standard HEMA).

Members: please use the contact form or e-mail if you wish to communicate changes in schedule!

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(last updated November 2018).

Swiss HEMA members

Artes CertaminisGais ARWed 18:45–20:15
Association Médiévale RomandeNeuchâtelSat 16–17:30
BaskerhundeWiliberg AGTue 19–21:30
CalhistarLausanne VDSaturdays
Clair de LameCroy VDThu 19h–21h
Club de Combat MédiévalPrêles BETue, Sat
Compagnia del Corvo GrigioCapriasca TIThursdays
Tue 19h–21h
Wed 20h–21h
Wed 19h–21h
Thu 18h–19h
Thu 18h–19h
Fri 18h–19h
Fri 18h–19h
Freifechter BaselBaselMon, Wed
FreywildOberglatt ZHThu 18:50–20:30
GAFscholaFribourg FRWed 19:15-21:15
GAGscholaGenèveMon 20h–22h
Gladius et CodexZürich
Thu 19:30–21:30
Fri 20:00–21:45
Sat 10h–14h
HADUWetzikon ZH
Gossau ZH
Gossau ZH
Tue 18:15–20:00
Wed 19:00–20:30
Fri 19:00–20:30
Fri 18:00–20:00
Historische Kampfkunst LuzernLuzernWed 18:00-20:00
Sat 10:00-12:00
La Chaux-de-F.AMHELa Chaux-de-Fonds NEMon 18:45–21h
Leo et UrsusZollikofen BE
Worb BE
Mon 18:00–20:30
Tue 20:30-22:00
Thu 20:30-22:30
Liberi EnsisThun BESundays
Militia GenavaeGenèveTue, Thu 18:30-19:45
Tue, Thu 20:00-21:30
SäbelrasslerWinterthurMon 20:15–21:15
Thu 19:45–21:15
Fri 19:45–21:15
Sat 12:15–13:15

Other groups

These groups are listed here for reference. It is a collection of the currently publicly published information from the Internet. We do not know, whether the trainings actually take place at the said places and times, nor how or what is trained.

These groups are listed here for SEO convenience.. The information presented brings together a selection currently available publicly on the internet.. We do not know if these workouts actually take place at the times and locations indicated or what the quality is.

These are listed here for ease of reference. The information presented here is a collection and selection of information that is already publicly available online. We have no way of knowing whether these trainings are in fact taking place at the specified times or what is their nature.

Historische KampfkunstLuzernSat 10h–14h
Ars Gladii (ÖFHF)Dornbirn (A)Thu, Fri 20h–22h
Hohentweiler KlingenkunstSingen (D)Wed, Thu 20h
Académie NémésisNyon VD
Genève GE
Mon, Tue 20h–21h
Wed, Fri 20h–21h