Schedule 2017

This is the definite schedule for the 2017 Swiss Gathering. See here for the tournament rules.


We have all four gyms:
Gym 1: MZA, upstairs
Gym 2: MZA, downstairs
Gym 3: Lee Ost, left
Gym 4: Lee West, right

Saturday/Samedi, 23. Sept.
8:30Gyms open; registration
9:30Opening/ Warmup
10:00–12:00A (Sword&Buckler)
B () Sparring
C (Longsword)
13:15–15:15D (Messer)
E (Staff)
F (Longsword)
15:30–17:30G (Dussack)

H (Poleaxe)
I (Judges)


18:00General assembly/ Gyms close / Dinner in Schönbühl
Sunday/Dimanche, 24. Sept.



Warm Up

 8:30 Welcome/ Introduction

8.45 Gear Check

K (Grand Bâton)


Pool Phase (9.00-12.30)

13:00–15:00M (Longsword)
 SparringEliminations (13:30)

16 people advance




 Semi Finals


Price ceremony of tournament and technical award

17:00End of event


A HADU (Silvan Aebli):Sword&Buckler

Description: The workshop is about the understanding of the weapon and the moving in and out of the combat. This workshop is thought for guys and girls who want to take a first look to this weapon.

Equipment: Sword and Buckler (light gloves)


C Wiener Fechtrunde (Friedrich Bialas): Longsword (Meyer)

Description:In Joachim Meyer’s longsword, the 4 “Hauptleger” (major guards) from the Liechtenauer tradition are further divided to yield 8 more “Beyleger” (auxiliary guards). To inspire you to incorporate them into your training this workshop will provide you with some dynamic drills and exercises.

D Uni l’AMHE: Langes Messer (Lecküchner)

Description: The langes messer (long knife) is a single-edged weapon with a specific hit construction. It was a very common weapon, notably used at the end of the Middle Ages for personal defense.This workshop will examine the basics as well as some specific techniques from the treatises of Johannes Lecküchner (c. 1430-1482), whose messer system is related in some ways to Liechtenauer longsword tradition. No previous knowledge of messer is needed, basics in longsword recommanded.

Equipement: Some weapons will be provided.

E GAGschola (Mathijs Roelofsen): Staff (Pauerfeindt) “Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey” (1516)

Description:  In this workshop we’ll see the basics of Andre Pauernfeindt’s staff fighting system, as seen in the Ergrundung der Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey. Even in a treatise not as complete as tho one of Meyer’s, for example, it is still possible to reconstruct a coherent system for fighting with multiple types of staff weapons from Pauernfeindt’s treatise.

Equipement: I will personally bring 10 staffs, but feel free to bring your own.

F Freifechter Basel (Dominik Eaton): Longsword (Tactical Wheel)

Description: In diesem Workshop wird erkundet, was wir von Joachim Meyers “Fechten Im Schwert” und “Fechten Im Dusacken” über Strategie des Langschwertfechtens lernen können.

G La Chaux-de-F.AMHE (Jonathan Hily): Dussack (Meyer)

Description: This will be an introduction of the Dussack, following Joachim Meyer’s principles.

H GAFS (Yan Charrière, Augustine Clément, Yannick Francisco): Poleaxe

Description: The worshop will be an introduction to poleaxe techniques in the MSS Ravenna M-345/M-346 (Anonimo Bolognese)

Equipment: Mask & Hema Gloves, Jacket, Poleaxe, weapons for ten participants are available

I Leo et Ursus (Daniel Sutter): Langschwert (Judging&Scoring)

Description: Judging and Scoring Workshop (mandatory for all judges/scorers of Sunday!)

K CAL (Michael Müller-Hewer): Grand Baton

Description: The ” École normal militaire de gymnastique et d’escrime ” has influenced the fencing in France among other sports till 1953. They taught also a special form of French quarterstaff, the “bâton de Joinville”. The 1.70 ms long conical staff from chestnut wood is held with both hands like a long sword at the thick end. The more modern variant of this martial art is carried out with a staff of 1.40 ms. The weapon is, first of all, a slashing weapon, however, can be used also for estoc punches. In our club the quarterstaff is presented as an introduction weapon. Easy to apprehend, it gives to the student very quickly confidence. So many bases of the weapon work can be studied without big risk.

Equipment: Mask & Hema Gloves, weapons for 30 participants availabel

L SUB Brach (Darko+Sibylle Zürcher): Sword&Buckler- Halpshilt – center piece of the I.33

Description: A look at the I33 focused on Halpshilt, trying to explain how and when certain actions will work, responses to weak actions not described in I33 and and interactions with Krucke.

Equipment: Mask & Hema Gloves, One handed sword simulator and buckler

M SUB Brach (Darko+Sibylle Zürcher): The longsword of Fiore die Liberi  – Alles fechten kommt vom Ringen

Description: A look at the techniques of Fiore dei Liberis longsword in one and two hands mostly focused on the largo distance and logic of the system

Equipment: Mask & Hema Gloves, Longsword simulator or Feder
Link to the Wiktenauer Fiore pdf


Note: The tournament will be held on Sunday exclusively this year. We will try to organise workshops for Saturday and Sunday. If you fight in the tournament, you can participate in any workshops on Saturday, but you will be busy with the tournament on Sunday.