Schedule 2016


This is the schedule for the 2016 gathering. See here for the tournament results.


We have all four gyms this year:
Gym 1: South, upstairs: Workshops
Gym 2: South, downstairs: Workshops
Gym 3: North, left: Feder tournament.
Gym 4: North, right: Free fighting (sparring) and presentation

Saturday/Samedi, 29. Oct.
8:30gyms open; registration
10:00–12:00A (any weapon)
B (sabre)
13:15–15:15C (rapier)
D (longsword)
15:30–17:30E (dagger)
F (sword& buckler)
pools/finalsG (footwork)

18:00gyms close / dinner in Schönbühl
Sunday/Dimanche, 30. Oct.
10:00–12:00H (la pelle et baïonnette)
I (rapier)
finalsJ (Presentation)
12:00–13:00lunch / general assembly
14:30–16:30K (rapier)
L (wrestling)
M (cutting)free sparring
16:30–17:00sparring-ball / end of event 17:15


A Kolja Klein (Gladius et Codex) : HEMA Obstacle course (any weapon)
B Darko Zürcher + Sibylle Zürcher (Sub Brach)  :  The Art of Defence on Foot; Roworth (Sabre/ Broadsword)
C Guillaume Brunschwig (Militia Genavae) : Capoferro (Rapier)
D Vincent Deluz (GAGS): Flugelhaw and Triangle, technical relations between the Kölner Fechtbuch, Pauernfeindt and Wittenwiler (Longsword)
E  Nicolas Naully (Militia Genavae): (Dagger)
F Olivier Gourdon (Dwarf Team): Ce que le 1,33 ne dit pas (Sword&Buckler)
Anne-Caroline Le Coultre (AMR): (Footwork)
H Dimitri Zufferey + Valentin Clément + Flavie Spicher (GAFSchola) : Survivre à un duel sur le champ de bataille (La pelle et baïonnette)
I Christophe Le Millier (GAGS): Some principles of Verdadera Destreza (Rapier)
J Daniel Jaquet + Vincent Deluz (GAGS) : Presentation
K Simon Favre (ELAA) : (Rapier)
L Laurent Ott + Alexandre Strub (GAGS): Grappling in the Pit – A Medieval Wrestling Game (Wrestling)
Lukas Mästle-Goer (Schwabenfeder): Test Cutting

Note: People fighting in the tournament will only be able to attend one workshop of slots A, B, C, D. People who advance into the tournament finals may not be able to attend  workshops in slots E, F, G, and if you get to the quarterfinals, you will also miss slots H, I, J. If you are giving a workshop  and you get to the finals, we may have to switch your workshop around (e.g. to L, M, this will be a special case, we will figure it out, we want to make sure that you can both give a workshop and fight in the tournament in any case).

Workshop descriptions


Association: Gladius et Codex

Instructor : Kolja Klein

Title : HEMA Obstacle course

Decription : HEMA Obstacle course – A summarry of Exercises gathered in one sequence for repetition and warm up. The goal is to repeat basics in 7-8 small exercices with a lot of different trainingspartners and build it up to a circuit training.

Duration: 1h

Equipment: Longsword


Association: Sub Brach

Instructor : Darko + Sibylle Zürcher

Title : The Art of Defence on Foot: With the Broad Sword and Sabre, Roworth

Description: Basics of the system of Roworth (Guards, Strikes, Engaging). Introduction of different techniques in flow drills. The system was used for sabre, broadsword and even spadroon and is flexible, simple and extremely useful to teach basic strikes and defense

Duration: 2h

Equipment: Mask & Hema Gloves, Simulators for Sabre, Scottish backsword or basket hilt broadsword, We ca supply single sticks which work as an ok simulator when used with a good hema glove


Association: Militia Genavae

Instructor: Guillaume Brunschwig

Title : Capoferro

Description :

Duration :

Material :


Association : GAGSchola

Instructor : Vincent Deluz

Title : Flugelhaw and Triangle, technical relations between the Kölner fechtbuch, Pauernfeindt and Wittenwiler.

Description : Many fight books seem to be isolated from the  said “Lichtenauerian” Germanic tradition. By comparing the longsword techniques of three of them  (Kölner fechtbuch, Wittenwiler’s fightbook and Pauernfeindt’s print), is it possible to put to light likenesses with other traditions? This workshop concentrates on a series of techniques specific to these three books and their comparison. The workshop is opened to beginners and advanced fencers, the aim being to discover a still quite misknow fencing tradition.

On the other hand, this workshop is a good introduction for those who will take part to the Saint-Cergue event of January 2017, which will entirely focus on this Germanic martial tradition

Duration: 2h

Material : a longsword or a fechtschwert and a minima protection (gloves and mask)


Association: Militia Genavae

Instructor: Nicolas Naully, Thibault+Guillaume Brunschwig

Title :

Description :

Duration :

Material :


Association : Dwarf Team (France)

Intructor : Olivier Gourdon

Title : Ce que le 1,33 ne dit pas

Description : En prenant les données seulement tangibles de la source, l’application des techniques en assaut mettent souvent l’étudiant que nous sommes dans des situations d’échec. Aussi, nous faut-il appréhender les éléments connexes au traité au même titre qu’un chef mettrait sa connaissance de la cuisine au service d’ingrédients pour en faire une vraie recette. Il reste encore du chemin mais certains principes sous-jacents émergent déjà et semblent éclairer quelques zones d’ombres de l’ouvrage. Je vous propose donc de vous approprier les principes liés à ce que la source semble dire, dans le but de mieux comprendre ce qu’elle dit vraiment. Bien que les exercices que nous allons mettre en pratique ne nécessitent pas d’acquis solides sur le 1,33, je ne saurais que trop vous conseiller de vous approprier 1 ou 2 pièces pour tester les différentes options présentées dans l’atelier lors des assauts libres en fin de séance.

Duration : 2h

Material : short sword and buckler


Association: AMR

Instructor: Anne-Caroline Le Coultre

Title : Footwork

Description : Despite constituting a crucial element in any martial art – or maybe because of that – footwork is rarely addressed in the historical sources that constitute the basis for HEMA. It appears therefore necessary to rely on different material to train this specific dimension. This workshop will focus on some aspects of footwork (technique, rythme, coordination), reusing and adapting exercices from modern fencing, in order to offer practicants some basis and advices for training, by themselves or within their groups.

Duration : 60 min

Material : No weapon needed; good shoes and comfortable sport outfit recommended.


Association : GAFSchola

Instructor : Dimitri Zufferey + Valentin Clément + Flavie Spicher (GAFS)

Title : La pelle et baïonnette

Description :La période 1939-1950 est riche de manuels de combat rapproché en tous genres. Cet atelier se veut comme une introduction au “duel” sur un champ de bataille en abordant des sources allemande, russe et francophone et des armes comme la baionnette, les pelles longues et courtes, et le poignard

Duration : 2h

Material : masque d’escrime, plastron ou veste, gants et toutes autres protections bienvenues


Association : GAGSchola

Instructor : Christophe Le Millier

Title: Some principles of Verdadera Destreza

Description: Occupying the line, with and without dagger

Duration: 2h

Material: Rapier, Dagger, Mask, Gloves


Association : GAGSchola

Instructor : Daniel Jaquet and Vincent Deluz

Title: Teaching HEMA – a theoretical crash-course for new and confirmed instructor

Description: This will not be a lecture or a theoretical 3h talk, but an active, participative workshop intended for new and confirmed instructors. It will focus on why and how to teach HEMA, especially on how to involve source material in a HEMA curriculum. It will be based on discussion about shared experience against established theoretical model, with active participation of the participants. It will be divided into 3 parts. (1) defining the ideal HEMA instructor, confronted to experience (2) teaching practices in context – transmitting knowledge (3) curriculum and source material.

Duration: 3h


Association: ELAA

Instructor: Simon Favre

Title : Giganti, your left hand and how to take advantage of both

Description: Rapier is a great didactic tool for a complete fencing because it makes you lateralize by taking one of your hands out of the weapon and offers you the opportunity to bring this hand back with another weapon.

The purpose of the work is to get some time to experiment (under supervision) what kind of opportunities they generate and what are their restrictions. Four kind of tools will be showed during these two hours: Soft tools (naked hand or with just a glove), offensive tools (dagger), less offensive tools (buckler) and dynamic tools (torches, capes, etc).

Duration : 2h

Material : Rapiers and other stuff will be available during the workshop


Association : GAGSchola

Instructors: Laurent Ott and Alexandre Strub

Title : Grappling in the Pit – A Medieval Wrestling Game

Description: In this workshop we propose an introduction to a medieval wrestling game called “Grappling in the Pit” (“Ringen im Grüblein” in German) that Fabian von Auerswald (among others) presents in his 1539 wrestling manual. In this game, one of the opponent must keep one of her feet in the “pit”, which is a small circular hole in the ground, while the other has to stay on one leg. They wrestle until one of them falls on the floor or, respectively, takes her foot out of the pit or touches the floor with her second foot.

Our goal is to explain to the participants the basic rules and techniques of this game and how to put them into practice through friendly sparring sessions. This workshop is open to anyone interested, as no prior knowledge of medieval wrestling is required. As underlined by von Auerswald, this game is intended to be fun to play and watch; it is therefore an excellent opportunity to discover medieval German grappling in a both rigorous and amusing way.

Duration: 2h

Required gear: None. A groin protector is advisable but not mandatory.


Association: Schwabenfeder (D)

Instructor: Lukas Mästle-Goer

Title : Test Cutting

Description: Cutting with sharp swords is not only immensely fun, it can be very helpful for understanding proper body mechanics and what makes a technique actually successful. Our training with blunts ends with the contact on the opponent’s surface, cutting with sharps can go a step further and teach valuable lessons.

In this class we will be looking at the absolute basics of what is required to cut successfully and how techniques from the fencing treatises can be trained with a sharp sword. The ultimate goal of course is to use this to improve our fencing.

No skill requirements necessary, though an understanding of the basics of German longsword helps. The course is primarily intended for longsword but the mechanics are applicable to essentially any bladed weapon, so practitioners of sword & buckler or Langes Messer, etc are very welcome.

Duration: 2h

Material: a sharp longsword and a single hander will be provided, as will the targets (plastic bottles). If you own a sharp sword however, it is highly recommended that you bring it!