Newsletter January 2017

SFHEMA Committee

Committee Word
By Dominique Le Coultre

The SFHEMA Committee wishes you a happy 2017 !

The Federation starts this new year with several good news. Indeed, the committee is growing and now counts 5 members instead of 3 previously: Roland Zürrer and Dominique Le Coultre join Dieter Bachmann, Daniel Jaquet and Richard Harvey for a two-year mandate. We are also happy to see a growing dynamic within the commissions, with for instance Daniel Sutter, the new responsible for competition-related business (tournament, judging, etc.), as well as an equally effective management of the commissions Instructors and Media.

Finally, we welcome our new affiliated members:

  • Baskerhunde (AG)
  • Cercle des Armes de Lausanne (VD)
  • Sub Brach (SO)

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Past events

I.33 class with GAGSChola
By Anne-Caroline Le Coultre

On the 21st of May, GAGSchola organised a training day dedicated to sword and buckler according to the manuscript I.33 (Royal Armories). This was an opportunity for the two invited instructors (Dieter Bachmann of HADU and Olivier Gourdon of Dwarf Team) to share their interpretations of this particular source with the participants – beginners as well as confirmed. Participants appreciated the studious and relaxed atmosphere, and GAGSchola is pleased to have been able to contribute to the promotion of a HEMA discipline little practiced in Switzerland.

Seminar with Thore Wilkens with Gladius et Codex
By Dominik Eaton

The Seminar with Thore Wilkens had a transformative effect on most of the participants. Mr. Wilkens taught us principle-based fighting, applied mainly to empty hands and wrestling but also with virtually any medieval weapon. In conclusion we learnt (additionally to the principles themselves) a whole bunch of wrestling-forms and basic know how as to how to interpret historical sources in an comprehensive manner. Furthermore we trained our situational awareness to become a effective and safe wrestler and fencer. As if that werent enough, Mr Wilkens excelled in creating an atmosphere of trust and safety which enabelled all participants to learn and make valuable personal experiences.

Tournament with Gladius et Codex
By Dominik Eaton

The GetC tournament of 2016 was a success. Despite the low numbers of attendees everyone got their fair share of fights. New aquaintances and new experiences were made. Both by the fencers but also the judges for almost all of whom this was their first judging in a HEMA-tournament. And in the end all the fencers (and judges) seemed content with the tournament. We learnt a lot and know where to improve for the next tournament.

SFHEMA Instructors event
By Anne-Caroline Le Coultre

About 30 attendees took part in september 2016 to the event organised by the Instructors Commission, which took place in Prêles, canton of Bern. On the first day, we had the opportunity to exchange with two jujitsu instructors who came especially from Morges (VD): they offered us a physical and technical program which our legs still remember. In the afternoon, each participant could contribute by proposing different exercises on given topics, which allowed everyone to discover new ideas and other ways of doing. The end of the day dedicated to sparring and free exchanges, and the saturday ended in a convivial way around an excellent shared meal. The next morning, we discovered the basics of “kuatsu”, the first aid for the Asian martial arts, while hoping not to have to put them into practice! In the end, it was a very rewarding and convivial weekend, and the SFHEMA instructors commission is looking forward to organize another one in 2017.

Swiss Gathering
By the SFHEMA Committee

Thank to all participants of the Swiss Gathering 2016 ! We hope you enjoyed the workshops and tournament. Congratulations to Samuel Embleton for his tournament victory ! He was lucky enough to receive a delicious drink offered by Metsiederei Eckert. Registrations for the 2017 edition will open in July.

International HEMA event in St-Cergue
By Anne-Caroline Le Coultre

The third edition of the international event in Saint-Cergue, organised by Gagschola, was a success. The specificity of the event, beside its setting and charm (Swiss mountains during the winter), lies in the fact that it combines practice, research and shared exchanges. The four guest instructors (Keith Farrell, Jake Norwood, Olivier Dupuis and Dieter Bachmann) gave specific workshops over the course of the weekend, and also discussed and explained the sources during two round-table discussions.

Events to come

Swiss Hema Challenge

The Swiss Hema Challenge is a tournament organised by the Ecole Lémanique d’Art et d’Action in the lemanic area (Lausanne). Find all the informations on the event webpage.

Swiss Blades
By Dominique Le Coultre

The Swiss Blades is a new international event proposed by the Association Médiévale Romande and its HEMA-dedicated section. The AMR wishes to promote the exchanges and practice of the discipline in the region of Neuchâtel and in the community. It also seeks to promote research and instruction, in an ideal setting combining meeting areas for practice and discussion. This event will be limited to 120 participants so that everybody can be taken care of in the best conditions. These two days will host numerous workshops, internationally renowned instructors, a fechtfeder tournament and a typically Swiss welcome pack, thanks to the commitment of many volunteers and in collaboration with the SFHEMA tournament commission. All this will take place on six sports halls (3 indoors and 3 outside), with a large cafeteria including a bar, an aula for conferences, dormitories with possible upgrading, and finally a professional kitchen to guarantee you the best dishes on the spot. Each participant will also receive a daily pass for public transport for each night spent at the venue.

The first edition of the Swiss Blades will take place on 19 and 20 August 2017. More information to come via our Facebook page or our website.

If you are interested by this project, do not hesitate to contact us to propose you as volunteer, instructor or sponsor.

Presentation of the new affiliated members of SFHEMA


Baskerhunde is a group from Aargau, involved in the fields of historical reenactment as well as combat. Trainings take place every Tuesday from 7 to 9:30 PM in Wiliberg. Every first Tuesday of the month, the training is open to the public, including beginners.

Cercle des Armes de Lausanne (Calhistar)

The Cercle des Armes de Lausanne is the sports fencing association of the cit of Lausanne. It is one of the biggest of this kind in Switzerland. Within its activities was created in 2011 the CALHISTAR, a section dedicated to historical and artistic fencing.

Sub Brach

Sub Brach is an association created in 2014 in Solothurn canton. Its interests are especially the practice of sword and buckler, saber, bayonet, and a lot more.

Find all SFHEMA affiliates on our website.


New committee

The International HEMA Federation has elected its new committee for the 2017-2018 period. La Fédération Internationale des AMHE a élu son nouveau comité pour la période 2017-2018. While Daniel Jaquet retires and becomes Honorary President, a new Swiss personality makes his entry at the international level. It is Dieter Bachmann, who becomes vice-treasurer. Here is the list of the new committee:

  • Gabor Nemeth, President
  • Falko Fritz, Vice-President
  • Eugenio Garcia-Salmones, Secretary
  • Matyas Miskolczi, Treasurer
  • Dieter Bachmann, Vice-Treasurer


Instructors Commission
By Anne-Caroline Le Coultre

Since the beginning of 2016, the Instructors commission has been relaunched, with new members and numerous short- and long-term projects. Its goals include:

  • support and inform the instructors and would-be instructors in Switzerland
  • bring together and exchange around the training practices, needs and wishes of the latter
  • constitute and update a list of Swiss HEMA active instructors
  • organise events linked to the promotion of the aforementioned goals.

Contact: instructors(at)

Tournament Commission
By Mathijs Roelofsen

The Tournament Commission is interested in HEMA tournaments in Switzerland, in particular to help bringing it a structure. Indeed, this environment is extremely diversified, with a large number of clubs organizing competitions ranging from the internal tournament within the club to the national, and even international, event. But this diversity also creates fragmentation and difficulties, such as the formation of referees or the organisation of a series of national tournaments at the Swiss level (eg. the Alpine League project, like the Nordic league). The purpose of the Tournament Commission is not to impose rules or procedures on Swiss clubs, but rather to create common bases among members of the federation to implement major projects, such as the training of referees at national level. Created during the last GA at the Swiss Gathering in 2016, the commission accepts all people motivated to make the HEMA tournament in Switzerland progress. Contact the commission.

Media Commission
By Dominique Le Coultre

The Media Commission gives the SFHEMA tools to ease communication between affiliated members and the public. Inform the community on your recent and future activities by writing a message to media(at) Your notices and reports will be published on and in the next May newsletter (deadline for the newsletter: 30th of April 2017). Your informations and reports are valuable and their publication depends on what you communicate to Swiss Hema. Without your participation, the newsletter cannot be shared.

We are looking for new members to support the Media Commission in its activities. If you want to valorise HEMA in Switzerland, don’t hesitate, join us !

  • Website redactors
  • Social Media redactors
  • Newsletter redactors
  • And above all : Translators French/German or English/German !

Teaching modules in informatics will be given to volunteers wishing to invest for the website, the social networks and the newsletter.


Free expression and testimony
By Samuel Monbaron

I discovered HEMA in 2014 through an initiation by the Association Médiévale Romande at the medieval festival of Le Landeron (NE). Out of curiosity, I followed the initiation, and met with passionate and exciting practitioners. I saw a serious approach, a martial side and a nice conviviality that made me want to know more. I started to follow regular trainings, then classes in Switzerland and finally abroad.

As would say OSS 117: I like to fight ! And through HEMA, I can do it by developing my knowledge, whether theoretical or practical, and by having fun with people I really appreciate. I had moved away from martial arts after many years of practice and I really regained a taste for the martial thing through HEMA. The method, fundamentally different from other martial arts, is in my opinion very stimulating. In particular, the research dimension radically changes the approach in comparison with other disciplines.

In the end, I found in HEMA a group of friends with whom I can train, learn and travel.

Obstacle Run in Armor
By Daniel Jaquet

The firefighter and the soldier in full equipment carry the same charge as a fighter in armor from the fifteenth century. This short film of scientific popularization aims to nuance widely diffused ideas on the weight and imperfections of medieval armaments, showing a physical performance comparing the three. Conducted for the exhibition “Armatus corpus” at the Vaud military museum (Château de Morges), it was the subject of a participatory fundraising campaign (Kickstarter) to which the SFHEMA contributed; the organization is cited in the film’s credits as a partner.

I wholeheartedly thank the SFHEMA for its support and I stand available to members interested in viewing the data collected during the race for scientific reasons. Interested people, please contact me! daniel.jaquet(at)

Good viewing !

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