Longsword tournament

The full rules (required reading for referees!) are here: English; Deutsch; Français.

It’s a longsword (Feder) tournament. The basic idea is the same as in previous
years (Here are last year’s rules)
but we make slight changes to the scoring system each year to encourage people to train the art, not the “sport” (more on tournament rules here).

Fights last for three minutes or ten passes/exchanges. Referees award points (only) for hits that would lead to decisive injury in a Blossfechten scenario. Such hits are awarded one point if executed on the hands, lower arms or lower legs, and three points elsewhere (head, torso, upper arms or upper legs).
A clean disarmament (Schwertnehmen) is awarded five points. Double hits are awarded as one point (received hit) for each fighter. Only up to two one-handed attacks from the distance (“Geissler”) are permitted per fight.

Infighting (Schwertnehmen, pommel strikes) is legal; full-contact Ringen (throws, kicks, strikes) is only permissible by mutual agreement between the fighters before the bout.

It’s a competition, so you should try to win your fights, but try to win them by showing superior skill, not by gaming the rules, this is not the Olympics. Also, remember to have fun!