Turnier 2018

The tournament will be held during Sunday the 28th of October throughout the day.

The rules will be essentially what has been used in the Nordic League and tournaments such as Swordfish or the Dutch Lions Cup these past years and has been on the Swiss Gathering 2017. You can download the rules Hier (PDF), and a video describing them is found Hier (youtube.com).

Like the previous year, there will be a live projection of the fencer’s names and current result on a projecter for each ring. This will provide more overview to judges and fighters, as well make the fights more enjoyable to watch. Per ring, we will have four judges, one referee and one scorer. The results of the entire tournament will again be uploaded to the world-wide tournament ranking, HEMA Ratings, which can be found at hematratings.com, so after participation, you will be part of the global ranking or update your current rank.

We’re still looking for more judges in order to put less load on the ones we already have – so consider signing up as a judge. jedoch, consider that you’ll have to practice using the rules and the flags before the tournament. For those who don’t have the time, there will be a workshop on Saturday, however consider that it will coincide with other workshops.

For the convenience of foreign fighters, a bed in the nearby cold-war era bunker for both Saturday AND Friday is now included in the participation fee of 80 Swiss Francs for the entire event.

Scoring will be done with HEMA Scorecard by Sean Franklin from the HEMA Alliance this year! It’a a free tool that works with any web browser. Check out the list of participants here (if you’re missing -> tell us!). Later on, you’ll be able to see who’s in which pool (Saturday evening) and then on Sunday watch the results of all the fights LIVE, instantly see who made it out of the pools, and what the final bracket looks like: https://hemascorecard.com/ -> Select Swiss Gathering 2018 -> Longsword Open Steel.

We’re looking forward to a fun and interesting tournament!

Daniel Sutter, tournament commission.