SFHEMA Swiss Federation for Historical European Martial Arts

The SVHEKK promotes the exercise of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA, Historical fencing). The (Again-)Discovery of these arts relies on the documentary study of the European heritage from the 13. until 20. Century and includes various disciplines. Exercise or. Studying from HEMA differs by the means, Methods and goals of historical reenactment, choreographed exhibition fights, Sport fencing or Asian martial arts. The association pursues the following purposes:

  • Förderung von Ausübung, Studium und Pflege der historischen Europäischen Kampfkünste in der Schweiz;
  • Durchführung einer jährlichen Veranstaltung (eines Turniers und/oder Seminars);
  • Unterstützung der Vereine in ihren sportlichen Aktivitäten und im Austausch untereinander;
  • Publikation von Empfehlungen zu Sicherheit und Vermeidung von Sportunfällen.

FSAMHE promotes the practice of European Historical Martial Arts (AMHE / HEMA, Historical fencing). The (re)discovery of these arts are based on documentary study of European heritage between the 13th and 20th centuries and cover different disciplines. The activities related to these practices are different, by means, method and objectives, of the reconstitution, choreographed performances, Asian fencing and martial arts. The objectives of the Federation are :

  • La promotion de la pratique et de l’étude des AMHE en Suisse;
  • L’organisation d’un événement annuel (tournoi et/ou séminaire);
  • Le soutien des groupes dans leur pratique et dans la communication entre elles;
  • La publication de recommandations sur la sécurité et la prévention des blessures.

FSAMSE promotes the practice of European Historical Martial Arts (AMSE / HEMA or Historical Fencing). The (ri)discovery of these arts is based on the documented study of European heritage from the thirteenth to the twentieth century and cover several disciplines. The activities related to these practices differ from the means, and methods, the objectives of the historical re-enactment, from the choreographic combat, from the sport of fencing and Asian martial arts. The goals of the Federation are:

  • La promozione dell’esercizio fisico, della pratica e lo studio delle AMSE in Svizzera;
  • L’organizzazione di un evento annuale (torneo e/o seminario);
  • Il sostegno alle società nella pratica e la comunicazione tra esse;
  • La pubblicazione di raccomandazioni sulla sicurezza e la prevenzione degli infortuni sportivi.

SFHEMA promotes the practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). The (re)discovery of these arts is based on the documentary study of european heritage between the thirteenth and twentieth century and covers various disciplines. Activities related to these practices are distinct in their means, methods and objectives, from historical reenactment, choreographed show fighting, sport fencing and asian martial arts. The objectives of the Federation are:

    • The promotion of the practice and study of HEMA in Switzerland;
    • Organizing an annual event (tournament and / or symposium);
    • Support groups in their practice and communication between them;


You will find below the security concept of the federation that was validated by the OFSPO/BASPO and is also published on the Swiss Olympics website. The text allows the member of the swiss-hema to train as long as they follow the rules in concept.

To be able to train legally, the clubs need to print the document have it with them. In case of control, the document acts as permission. Since the country is comprised of 26 cantons it is possible that some of them want additional guarantees. It’d be better to check with your local government.

If the concept does not answer your specific need you are free to deposit another demand to the OFSPO/BASPO.
The concept could also change in the future if there are new developments for the current situation.

the committee wishes to personally thank Ferdi Hutter, Michael Müller-Hewer, Anne-Caroline Le Coultre, Maxime Barras, and the instructor commission for the work and expertise they brought to this concept.

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Since last year, the instructors commission implemented its formation program. For a detailed presentation, see https://prezi.com/view/M3bWPrkEaPMImEilaEpS/ (German) ; https://prezi.com/view/PLlylIyCYgCxcByOiZ3Z/ (French).

The next event of the commission will happen the 14th-15th March, all information: here

SFHEMA is a member of
the International HEMA
Federation (IFHEMA)