Tournament 2017

The tournament will be held during Sunday the 24th of September 2017 throughout the day. The rules will be essentially what has been used in the Nordic League and tournaments such as Swordfish or the Dutch Lions Cup these past years. You can download the rules here (PDF; new version 1.4 published on 20th of September 2017!), and a video describing them is found here. This year, we will have a projector and a screen at every ring, where the names and the current score will be on display. This will provide more overview to judges and fighters, as well make the fights more enjoyable to watch. Per ring, we will have four judges, one referee and one scorer. The results of the entire tournament will be uploaded to the world-wide tournament ranking, HEMA Ratings (beta), which can be found at So after participation, you will be part of the global ranking. There will be medals and nice prizes to win – the winner will get an exclusive black Regenyei feather! Additionally, there will be a technical award with the jury being both the fighters and spectators. We’re still looking for more judges in order to put less load on the ones we already have – so consider signung up as a judge, as this will grant you a free entry to the event. However, consider that you’ll have to practice using the rules and the flags before the tournament. We’re looking forward to a fun and interesting tournament!

–Daniel Sutter, SFHEMA Tournament commission

Tournament rules as PDF Document


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