Tournament 2016

We had 60 fighters in the Feder tournament. Thank you for your participation!

1. Samuel Embleton (Club de Combat Médiéval)
2. Lukas Mästle-Goer (Schwabenfedern)
3. Michael Hein (Schwabenfedern)
4. Luc Bourquin (Maciliens)

Special thanks to Metsiederei Eckert for the liquid prizes.

The full rules for are here.


You fight for points in the pool round and the fighters with the most points advance to the knockout stage.

You get points for solid technical hits.

A hit is only given a perfect score if the technique involves more than one tempo (either Abziehen (cover/retreat) or multiple hits)

Nachschlag reduces the points given to your opponent.

Double hits result in negative points for both fighters.

Hands aren’t a target in the pool round

No Geissler (one-handed attack from long distance) in the pool round

Avoid excessive force. A “solid hit” is characterised by technique, not by force. Brutality and any unsportsmanlike behaviour can be penalised. This may also include excessive displays of frustration or lack of composure.

Do not throw your weapon.