Swiss Gathering Registration

Registration for the 2018 Swiss Gathering (opened 16 July)

Registration will close 29 September. As of 24 September, we have two open slots left in the tournament.

Go to this page to see your registration status.

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Participation fee is CHF 80. This includes the entire week-end, including the tournaments if you sign up, bottled water and reasonable amounts of snacks and accommodation in the bunker.

Tell us if you are willing to contribute with a workshop, presentation, or to help with judging in the tournament. You will be refunded all or part of your fee if you help.

1) Fill out the form (if the form says “Your message was sent successfully”, your message was sent successfully)

2) Give us a day or two. Your name will be added to this page.

3) Your name will be in the category “reservations”. Pay your participation fee of CHF 80 to the federation’s account: IBAN: CH 80 0900 0000 1283 9925 5 (BIC: POFICHBEXXX, recipient: SFHEMA, domicile in Geneva).

4) Once we receive your payment, your name will move up into the “definite” category. Give us some time to do this.

5) We have a limit of 100 participants [60 in the tournament]. If case we get more inscriptions, your name will instead appear on the “waiting list”. Do not pay us if your name shows up there, wait until we tell you that you are in.


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