Swiss Gathering 2015


Swiss Gathering 2015 is over. We want to thank all participants, you make HEMA in Switzerland great !

Welcome to the new members :
– Association Médiévale Romande (NE)
– La Chaux-de-F. AMHE (NE)
– passive membership: Rossfechten Verein (AR)

IFHEMA International Cup – Congratulations

Etienne Von Gunten is the king of the franco belgium tournament at the International IFHEMA Cup. Congratulations to him and the rest of the team for their achievement.


From left to right : Etienne Von Gunten, Daniel Jaquet, Jack Gassmann, Vincent Deluz

Media Commission

The SFHEMA creates a media commission in order to register, treat, safeguard and diffuse photographic, filmographic and textual elements of events, internal as well as exterior, in which the federation is engaged. The commission handles also the website, the publication of news, the sending of a newsletter as well as the management of a Facebook page.

Our team :

  • Dominique Mucaria
  • Anne-Caroline Le Coultre
  • Laura Zanetti