The SFHEMA creates a media commission in order to register, treat, safeguard and diffuse photographic, filmographic and textual elements of events, internal as well as exterior, in which the federation is engaged. The commission handles also the website, the publication of news, the sending of a newsletter as well as the management of a Facebook page.


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Pictures and Videos

Swiss Hema Challenge 2015TrailerGladius et CodexVideo
Swiss Hema Challenge 2015Final FightGladius et CodexVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2015Final Lucas Mästle Goer vs David GarciaMedia CommissionVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2015Semi finals Lukas Mastle Goer vs Ferenc HuckerMedia CommissionVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2015Semi finals David Garcia vs Daniel SutterMedia CommissionVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2015Third place final Daniel Sutter vs Ferenc HuckerMedia CommissionVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2015AlbumMedia CommissionPhoto
Swiss-Gathering 2014FinalsAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014Sword & Buckler with HADUAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014Dagger with Leo et UrsusAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014Close combat with Club de Combat MédiévalAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014HEMA & Choregraphy with Clair de LameAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014Sparring without protection with GAGS & GAFSAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo
Swiss-Gathering 2014Kölner Fechtbuch with GAGSAssociation Médiévale RomandeVideo