A commission was set up by the federation Swiss HEMA to create a direct link with the instructors of the different clubs. If you have questions or wish to join us, feel free to contact us at instructors[AT]swiss-hema[DOT]ch.

Instructors Event 2018

<span  class="only_thislanguage" lang=""en"">Support of groups in their practice and communication between them.</span> <span  class="only_thislanguage" lang=""fr"">Soutien des groupes dans leur pratique et dans la communication entre eux.</span> <span  class="only_thislanguage" lang=""de"">Unterstützung der Vereine in ihren sportlichen Aktivitäten und im Austausch untereinander</span>
Date: 14-15 April 2018

Location: Centre Sportif du Plateau, Route de Châtillon 1A, 2515 Prêles

By car: ~1h15 from Basel, 1h30 from Zürich, 1h45 from Geneva, 2h20 from St-Gall.

By public transports: train to La Neuveville (line Bienne-Neuchâtel), then bus to Prêles. If needed, we can pick you up at the bus station.

Price: 60 CHF per person (including dinner Saturday, sleeping, breakfast and lunch Sunday)

This weekend is a unique opportunity for the instructors or would-be instructors of the Swiss HEMA Federation to exchange knowledge and ideas while benefiting from various specific workshops given by experts in sports, first aid, and various martial arts disciplines. After the 2016 edition, the instructors commission wishes to offer a new edition of this event, in order to encourage contacts between clubs and to enable instructors and future instructors to further develop their skills.

In order to welcome the most people, we decided to offer each of the four workshops two times. They last 2 hours and comprise each a half of theory and a half of practice, in order to develop at the same time the reflexive aspects as well as the application of concepts that our experts will make you discover.

Of course, there will be time dedicated to discussion and sparring!

Schedule (can undergo modifications):

Saturday 14 AprilSunday15 April
13:00Greetings8:30 - 9:30Breakfast
13:15 - 15:15Group A: workshop 1
Group B: workshop 2
9:30 - 11:30Group A: workshop 3
Group B: workshop 4
15:30 - 17:30Group A: workshop 2
Group B: workshop 1
11:30 - 13:00 Lunch Break
17:45 - 18:45Round Table13:00 - 15:00Group A: workshop 4
Group B: workshop 3
18:45 - 19:30Sparring, games, exchanges15:15 - 16:00Debriefing and end of the event
19:30Evening meal and party


Workshop 1: fitness and motion preferences / Franco Pisino (Karate, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis)

Search for YOUR own preferences through movements. Several aspects will be evoked:

· definition, MBTI and Action type (AT)
Profiling mode
· through motricity
· direct profiling
· indirect profiling, advantage and limit…
Objectives: Determine and feel your own motor preferences
Definition of the ≠ levels with their associated letters

· Energy: E – I
· Perception: N – S (PMH/PMB)
· Decision: T – F
· Lifestyle: J – P
AT: motricity & coaching
· Association of two letters… through practice
Mobile point
Objectives: Self-awareness

· From availability to efficiency

Franco Pisino (1956) has a rich experience in several domains:

5 Dan karate Shotokan
Ø Practice since 1982
Ø National Team Assistant from 1998 to 2000
Ø Head Coach since 2001
Ø Head of Neuchatel Karate-Do
Ø Coach since 1985
Ø Diploma and Swiss Olympic Trainer’s Certificate
Ø Speaker and expert for the Swiss Olympic course
Certified Action Type
Physical trainer for:
o Football Neuchâtel Xamax
Basketball Union Neuchatel
o Karate NKD
o Tennis
Monitor at Giant Studio:
o Personal Trainer
o Group lessons

Workshop 2: Initiation to HEMA: how to approach it / Olivier Delannoy (HEMA)

Within the framework of an association, we are brought, to conduct sessions or cycles of discovery or initiation, in order to recruit as well as to make ourselves and our discipline known. Therefore, the question of the purpose and content of this (these) session(s) depends on the public and the framework of intervention. In this workshop we will discuss: The motivation of the participants, the necessary public and adaptations, the construction of the session, security, technical content… The practical part will be the rapier alone. Minimum necessary equipment: fencing jacket, mask, pair of gloves. The weapons will be made available.

Olivier Delannoy has been Maître d’Armes in Annecy for 30 years, teaching rapier fencing for 15 years, trainer of federal patented sports fencing for the Dauphine-Savoies’ fencing league for 20 years.

Workshop 3: The fight book in the gym hall / Daniel Jaquet (HEMA)

From the source to the translation, from the interpretation to the application. The workshop starts with an “ice-breaker” to allow to put in common experiences on the various ways to bring sources in the training sessions. Afterwards, the first part of the workshop offers to identify and cartography the various ways to access the source for a HEMA instructor/animator, as well as the various processes to refine it according to the needs of the production of a didactic sequence to convey knowledge. The second part will offer a practical exercice, through the collective creation of small didactic sequences that we will also play, using available material and predefined objectives.

Daniel Jaquet is a researcher in HEMA (PhD University of Geneva), founding figure of the Swiss HEMA Federation (Swiss HEMA) and the International HEMA federation (IFHEMA). He is currently editor of the scientific journal Acta Periodica Duellatorum and president of the Society for Historical Martial Arts Research (SHEMAS).

Workshop 4: Coaching and mental training / David Bozier (fencing)

I’ve been teaching fencing for almost 25 years. First in France, where I complemented my education as a teacher with one as a sophrologist and mental trainer, because I quickly became convinced that an athlete must be considered both physically and mentally. That to be good, you must be good both physically and in your head. In Switzerland, where I’ve been teaching for 14 years, I got the confirmation when dealing with high-level fencing, with athletes on international competitions. With experience, I realize that the mental aspect is not limited to athletes, on the contrary, because in everything that happens to us, the mental has its importance! If you want to study, learn things, if you want to undertake, succeed, plan, organize, evolve, progress… your beliefs, your thoughts, your mental and even your mood… will influence you and make you behave in a certain way. Thus, I propose to go from a theoretic base to switch to practice to realize, first the importance of mental in your life and activities… and then to learn tools that will allow you to know yourselves better, but also to accompany those to whom to teach and train fencing.

How to register ?

The event is limited to 50 attendees. Only people who paid the fee are fully registered. Registration closes on Saturday, 31st of March.

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Swiss HEMA
PC: 12-839925-5
IBAN: CH 80 0900 0000 1283 9925 5

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