SFHEMA Swiss Federation for Historical European Martial Arts

SFHEMA promotes the practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). The (re)discovery of these arts is based on the documentary study of european heritage between the thirteenth and twentieth century and covers various disciplines. Activities related to these practices are distinct in their means, methods and objectives, from historical reenactment, choreographed show fighting, sport fencing and asian martial arts. The objectives of the Federation are:

    • The promotion of the practice and study of HEMA in Switzerland;
    • Organizing an annual event (tournament and / or symposium);
    • Support groups in their practice and communication between them;



Registrations for the Swiss Gathering 2019 are open ! Informations and registrations are on : this page.

This year, the instructors commission implements its formation program. For a detailed presentation, see https://prezi.com/view/M3bWPrkEaPMImEilaEpS/ (German) ; https://prezi.com/view/PLlylIyCYgCxcByOiZ3Z/ (French).

The registrations for the Autumn Instructor Event (21-22 September 2019) are still open ! Informations and registrations on : this page.


SFHEMA is a member of
the International HEMA
Federation (IFHEMA)